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 Welcome to the site from all of us here at the B.R.O. Channel

 and the Family that is Rush Fishing Guide Service!


Capt Buster has been Guiding Fishermen & Fisher-Women on Santee Cooper & Wateree Lakes

For Crappie & Catfish for over 25 years!


I'm Capt Buster Rush!

Click HERE to contact me!



Capt Buster goes after some Santee Cooper Crappie along with the Father & Son Outdoors TV Show!!



In the Video Below Capt Buster takes a big 8 point right at dark!



Check out this video from the Archives!

Back in the early Summer of 2004 Capt Buster, Ms Jean & Myself took the grad-kids up to Wateree lake to get into some bream beds... We wore em' out!



Watch Capt Buster and Ms Jean wear out the Bluegill & Catfish in the Wateree River!



Watch Capt Buster & Myself take Momma fishin' on Stumpy Pond!!






The Videos Below courtesy of:

Bubba Rountree Outdoors!



Click on the Picture above

or the link below to visit my webpage:

You can visit my YouTube Channel by clicking below!


"Note from Captain Buster"

"I don't know how much longer that I'm going to guide on Santee Cooper & Wateree Lakes

but I'm going to keep going as long as I can stand it... Lord knows I love it!

There's nothing that I love more than an early morning sunrise on our beautiful

lakes here in central South Carolina!"

So... come and join me for a day (or a couple of days) of fishing and fellowship!

Let's get out there and enjoy God's Creation together while we can!

So, contact me (803) 432-5010 or Email!


Here are some awesome Crappie fishing videos below!!




When ever you're on the Goat Island side of Lake Marion &

you need bait... be sure to go by and visit Sam's Lakeside Market at Taw-Caw Creek!

Sam has lot's of other stuff too... Like food, gas & Twinkies!

You're not going to meet a nicer guy in the Taw Caw/Goat Island area of Santee Cooper Lakes!

6909 Wash Davis Rd

Summerton, SC, 29148

(803) 478-8305


There's so much to see on our website! So, scroll down for lot's more links & videos...

Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!  Lets Go Fishin'!!

In 2012 we started taking the video camera with us into the woods!

2016 was another great year for Bubba Rountree Outdoors!

 The whole B.R.O. gang was able to get some outstanding

 footage while Still hunting & Dog-driving this past season!!

 Click HERE to watch in HD!


          Captain Buster keeps a Christian atmosphere on his boat!

 You can be sure that his boat will be a safe place to bring the whole family!




Captain Buster with some of his grand-children... & me!


Captain Buster says "Kids Fish Free!"..... With paying adults, children 11 and under FISH FREE!


If you have any questions or comments,

contact Captain Buster here:

or Phone: 803-432-5010


Scouting Cam & Hunting Pics & Videos here.


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For info on getting your own outdoor/Christian website!

Contact: "Webmaster"

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